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This vehicle can be using XTRM T3 or XTRM T6 to prevent bead leaks and punctures while driving.
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In a world where technology copes with resources and sustainability more than ever, security should be available to anyone while preserving the planet. Safe driving means being secure with tires under any season, terrain or weather condition, secure by recycling for a better world. Our goal at XTRM SYSTEMS is to protect and extend tire’s life and secure your driving conditions as much as possible by using recycled rubber. XTRM SYSTEMS develops since 2006 a range of internal fluids for tires, intended to protect their life shelf and increase mobility by all means. Today our range has reached the pinnacle of performance. We would like to share our innovations with you, make you feel comfortable with your vehicles and wheels. The future will lead us to new performances and research. Here we are to achieve our mission, protect your interests and extend your vehicle’s mobility.