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Our company La Ferme des  Vikings is a professional tire sealant manufacturer and exporter under the brand XTRMSYSTEMS registered in France.

Our company is also registered at French DGA, NATO and ONU.

We manufacture at the factory Turco Espanola, in Barcelona, Spain, our subcontractor since more than 10 years where they offer a ready to deliver product in bulk; we possess the technical know-how of our process. We provide the range XTRM SYSTEMS for the protection and security of tires to satisfied clients, including some armies and the Würth distribution group in Europe for the B to B needs.


MANUFACTURE: Turco Española SA under ISO 9001:2000 and aeronautic requirements. (ATECMA/QC/24281 Aerospace Suppliers Quality Systems Certification Procedure).

Our fluid range of products is the following: 

- XTRM T3 for valve injection and punctures up to 4 mm Ø.

- XTRM T6 for flank injection and punctures up to 8 mm Ø

- XTRM T6 MIL + for flank injection and punctures up to 12 mm Ø

Coordinates :

LA FERME DES VIKINGS SARL Manufacturer and Distributor of XTRM SYSTEMS tire sealants.

33 Rue de l’Eglise – 70360 Scey sur Saône - France         

 Tél : +33 3 84 76 07 88   Fax +33 3 59 08 77 71




XTRM SYSTEMS® is a preventative fluid which previously installed through the valve or the flank, allows the reduction of air loss from tires caused by punctures, porosity and bead leaks. Perforations from 4 mm up to 12 mm (according to the reference used) are immediately detected since XTRM SYSTEMS® is made with mobile rubber particles, expanded and active of different sizes.

The formulation XTRM SYSTEMS® looks like a viscous cream of a dark grey colour that remains homogeneous inside the tire while it turns, creating an uniform layer on the tread area and/or flank and can be easily removed with water.

 XTRM SYSTEMS® is made out of very dynamic chemical components, corrosion and rust inhibitors, bacteriacide and the XTRM Fluid 2709™ ensuring the use of XTRM SYSTEMS® at temperatures between - 15ºC (-5ºF) up to 350ºC  (662ºF).

When sealing punctures and leaks, the expanded and active rubber particles detect and concentrate spontaneously at the perforation site. XTRM SYSTEMS® is non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-explosive and water washable (consult MSDS for full details).

 How does XtrmSystems ®   Tire Protection™ work inside the tire? 

  1. Once injected* inside the tire, XTRM SYSTEMS® coats the inner side and remains viscous. XTRM SYSTEMS®’s ingredients are combined to maintain the perfect blend of viscosity and fluidity inside the tire while driving.
  1. The permanent mobility of XTRM SYSTEMS® inside the tire detects and corrects immediately any puncture, cut or air loss.
  1. The rubber particles of XTRM SYSTEMS® agglutinate and vulcanize to “heal” the “wounded” area similarly than human blood coagulation.

*please request the dosage tables.


XTRM SYSTEMS® Tire Protection™ has multiple applications that fit the needs of a wide range of industrial and professional air inflated pneumatic tires: 

X  Civil Applications: 4Wheels, mountain bikes, motorbikes, quads, etc.

X  Public Works Substitution tires: industrial tires, telescopic handler, compactors, graders, loaders, etc.

X  Slow Moving Logistic Vehicles: off-road trucks, tractors, vans, armoured vehicles, etc.                 

  Today’s distribution of our product range: 


250 gr bottle       750 gr bottle             5 Kg drum                25 Kg drum

XTRM T3                 XTRM T3                  XTRM T3            XTRMT3/T6/T6 MIL+


  1. Military market, police and security forces.
  1. Public Works companies, industrial vehicles renting companies.
  1. We entrusted the Würth group for the distribution of XTRM SYSTEMS Business to Business in France for the product XTRM T3

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